Family Support Services

Healing & Empowering Families

Healthy individuals build healthy homes, healthy homes mean healthy families and healthy families build healthy communities where kids thrive.

Healing & Empowerment Ministries, Inc. provides support services to families struggling with relational, emotional and social-economic challenges, so that they can live a more productive life.

Through our healing and deliverance counseling services and community programs, we provide the perfect environment for growth and stability to families that have the need and the desire to move forward in their lives.


Family Counseling

Family Counseling targets specific problems in family relationships such as poor communication, problems getting along, disagreements about children or parenting, and boundary issues with other family members; such as parents or grandparents, or difficulties with stress over finances. Family members learn how to live in a more loving and respectful way; acknowledging the fact that we all have the ability to hurt each other, and then developing skills to prevent that hurt as much as possible.

Services Include:

* Healing from Trauma
* Pre-marital/Marriage Counseling
* Grief Counseling
* Life Managment Counseling

Family Mediation

images-3Mediation works with couples and family members to repair the damaged in relationships in hopes of finding a Christian response to conflict. Mediation helps with a resolution of ongoing issues and provides families with valuable alternatives to an adversarial battle.

Services may focus on:
* Improving communication
* Making successful transitions
* Creating reasonable boundaries
* And addressing sensitive topics to manage the negative impact of changes in the family.

We act as a neutral facilitator and not a decision maker.

Parent Coaching

images-4I’m sure that you have heard the saying “kids don’t come with a manual.” That statement is true, but…. Nothing is more rewarding than parenting your child in a way that brings joy, health, and peace of mind to the both of you!

We work with parents in helping them to understand the development and make-up of their child, then, we offer support in building the needed skills. We do not come from a judgmental stance, but one of open honest discussion on the REAL challenges of being an effective parent.

Working with our team helps you discover who you long to be as a parent and, even better, help you activate that vision — we will support and guide you as you learn about healthy ways to parent. and support your child in reaching their full potential.

Call us if you need help:C: 240-392-5838


Counseling Programs


Mended Pieces: Getting Pass Your Past

A series of workshops to help survivors of relational infidelity, domestic violence and sexual abuse to heal from inner hurt and pain.

  • Tell the Story: Uncover the Situation – When thing are kept in the “dark” they have power over you. Many times it helps to get things out in the open.
  • What is It: Defining Your Emotions – What are your actual feelings about the situation? Are you angry, hurt, disappointed, afraid…etc
  • A Matter of Perspective: Reframing the Experience – Although it can be hard to do, sometimes just seeing something from someone else’s point of view can help you to get un-stuck.
  • Forgiveness: Your Personal Power – Forgiveness is an important part of the healing process. It does not mean excusing the action. Forgiveness is for you!
  • Take Control: Choosing a New Reaction – Take control of your own reactions. We may not be able to control a situation, but we can control how we react to it.
  • Future Vision: Creating a Vision for Moving On – Begin to think about what you will and won’t accept as part of your life. Make wise choices. Set up boundaries. Write out a vision.


Planning Your Marriage Before Planning Your Wedding

A couple’s counseling program that helps with marriage preparation. Covering:

  • Compatibility
  • Expectations of Marriage
  • Household Responsibilities
  • Family/Friends
  • Communication/Conflict Management
  • Finances/Budgeting
  • Creating a Vision


Walking Through Grief

You don’t have to do it alone.

Get help walking through your grief, loss, and loneliness. Get much-needed support as you go through each stage of re-building a joyful and fruitful life. There is hope.

  • Dealing with Denial
  • Purposeful Pain
  • Irrational Anger
  • Living with Loneliness
  • Walking Through it
  • Acceptance

***note No one goes through the grief process at the same pace. Everyone is an individual and may go back and forth between stages or be in several stages simultaneously.